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fotomoment3Voor documentairemaker / videokunstenaar Sanne Rovers ontwierpen wij de identiteit voor een pasfotohokje waar de bezoeker stiekem wordt gefilmd op het moment voor de foto. Na afloop van de foto ziet de bezoeker een filmpje van een andere bezoeker die ook gefilmd is. Alle foto’s en filmpjes zijn terug te zien op deze website die ook door ons werd gemaakt. Fotomoment stond vorige week voor de eerste keer op Oerol, maar zal de komende tijd op meerdere festivals door het land te zien zijn. Fotografie voor het beeldmerk is gemaakt door Michael van Maanen.

future takamba dvd promo

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futuretakamba_promoI just returned from festival sur le niger where I went together with the folks of Future Takamba. FT is a multimedia experiment of DJ/producer mps Pilot, VJ Lotte de Man, the traditional takamba band Super 11 from the region of Gao in Mali and a bit of Detour on the conceptual and visual side. It turned out to be a total, full-power, hit-and-run Mali music experience which left me a bit confusioned. But don’t get me wrong, that’s how the project was meant to be. Check it out here.

chapter 111

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uitnodiging-tranoiFor shoedesigner alexander fielden we designed an invitation for the presentation of his new collection called ‘chapter III’ during Trano├» Homme at the Paris Fashion Week, upcoming January 22-24. The idea was to send 160 unique and numbered sketches of his possible shoes. We were just in awe, watching Alexander come up with the whole lot of throw-ups, not drawing the same shoe twice! His new collection is online,

super 11

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super-112Already over 30 years super 11 is one of the most well-known takamba groups in their country of origin Mali. Takamba is a deep, repetitive, rootsy music that consist out of riffs on ngoni’s (a string instrument than can produce fast rapid melodies), singing and percussion on calabashes. The origin of their music comes from the oral tradition of the southers Sahara. It’s music that will literally lift you up. Super 11 – Super Onze is their debut album released on the Dutch Two Speakers label. Originally the band is named after a brand of Chinese green tea which is still around in Mali and being drunk every day as an important part of the social structure. We designed the album around this very theme. The fragment below is their album release on Malinese television.

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