het kind is groot

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het-kind-is-grootVoor filmmaker Joost van der Wiel maakten we dit filmpakket van zijn nieuwe film. Het Kind is Groot is een emotionele zoektocht naar de vrijheid. Joost duikt het losbandige leven van bluesmuzikant André van den Boogaart in en komt te midden van de Brabantse blues vooral zichzelf tegen. Het pakket bestaat uit een DVD met de film, een CD met de blues van André, een dubbelzijdig affiche en een oer-Nederlands tegeltje. De portretten zijn van geknipt papier. Het pakket is hier verkrijgbaar.

wild unlimited #5

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wild unlimited #4

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wild unlimited

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wild-unlimited-03Detour maakte weer een nieuwe flyer voor een nieuwe Nieuwe Dansen: met blote voeten, wereldmuziek, garlic grooves en spicy sounds.

future takamba dvd promo

February 22nd, 2011 § 0

futuretakamba_promoI just returned from festival sur le niger where I went together with the folks of Future Takamba. FT is a multimedia experiment of DJ/producer mps Pilot, VJ Lotte de Man, the traditional takamba band Super 11 from the region of Gao in Mali and a bit of Detour on the conceptual and visual side. It turned out to be a total, full-power, hit-and-run Mali music experience which left me a bit confusioned. But don’t get me wrong, that’s how the project was meant to be. Check it out here.

future takamba portraits

January 27th, 2011 § 0

ft_crewProposal for multi-applicable illustration of the future Takamba members: Issa Toure, Yehia Samake, Ahmed Ag Assalat, Aliou Saloum Yattara, Mahamadou Bolobo Toure, Fatoumata Sarre, Ousmane Yattara (Super 11), Horst Timmer aka DJ mps Pilot, VJ Lotte de Man.

super 11

December 10th, 2010 § 0

super-112Already over 30 years super 11 is one of the most well-known takamba groups in their country of origin Mali. Takamba is a deep, repetitive, rootsy music that consist out of riffs on ngoni’s (a string instrument than can produce fast rapid melodies), singing and percussion on calabashes. The origin of their music comes from the oral tradition of the southers Sahara. It’s music that will literally lift you up. Super 11 – Super Onze is their debut album released on the Dutch Two Speakers label. Originally the band is named after a brand of Chinese green tea which is still around in Mali and being drunk every day as an important part of the social structure. We designed the album around this very theme. The fragment below is their album release on Malinese television.

pitch blond

January 12th, 2010 § 0

pitchblond1Already some time passed since Pitch Blond released their first full-length album called ‘wise and ugly’. A roomy drum, pink rabbit duracel-breaks, a proper bass and the sometimes humming, sometimes moaning or crooning voice of Suzanne Ypma make up for the PB sound. Together with the band members we build in only two days an old-school speakerwall and cartboard instruments to create this imaginary world in which grown-ups are allowed to dream. But this band is for real, I suggest you google them, and you”ll stumble on some more artwork we made for them… Photography is done by Joyce Vlaming.

het dholhuis

July 14th, 2009 § 0

dholhuisHet Dholhuis – Mithu & Goonga Sain – Trumpet by “Jana” Ramzan. Linocut & screenprinted. For availability: info(at)takeadetour.eu

jumeraat (preview)

May 12th, 2009 § 0

thursday-night1We like to give you a sneak preview of a project we are working on; The topic of our story, the deaf and mute dhol player Goonga Sain from Lahore, Pakistan. Although he was born deaf, he is considered by a lot of people as the prominent master of the genre. We came in contact with him about a year ago during our extensive travel in the subcontinent, and decided to make a tribute to him. Last thursday it finally happened (it was extremely difficult to create the right environment for the recording because of this night actually being a religious ceremony): a special recording session was arranged at the sufi shrine of Baba Shah Jamal where he and his brother Mithu Sain perform every thursday night, the night before the holy friday.

At the same time in the Netherlands, while Nina is listening to the hypnotic beating of the drum, she is working on a giant linocut.

To be continued…

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