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September 27th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

alexanderfielden_lookbook3Besides designing the actual identity for the alexander fielden brand, there was the neccesity of having a ‘lookbook’ (a printed showcase of still images). Besides, for new collections to be expected, the lookbook should be something like a template. Now here is the interesting part: Together with talented photographer Christian Fielden ( we celibrated several nightly sessions to come up with this beautiful, tactile form. The tremendous crisp images are printed on an inkjet printer. The cover fold-out was printed on a soft although rather thick etching paper. After having this photographic masterpiece printed, we crumpled the whole thing (it did hurt a little) and let it soak for a couple minutes in a bath, until it took up a fair share of the water. Now we just hung it to dry, folded it and that’s that. To be repeated when neccesary, whenever a new Alexander Fielden collection is knocking on the door.

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