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i-owe-you_21Proposal for a dynamic campaign poster and logo for a huge upcoming art-manifestation in Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht about the balance between shopping and art in the 21st century. We embroidered the QR-code to metaphorically visualise the relationship between humanity and modernity, but also by placing QR-codes around the exposed artworks to create buzz, give background information and routing throughout the exposition in Hoog Catharijne.


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universiteit-twenteIn collaboration with product designer Jonas Samson have we been working on this ‘installation’ (still searching fot a better description) for the main entrance at the new building of Twente University (UT) in Enschede. It’s a complex visualization of overlapping areas of science. The different grids we used can be traced back to Plato, islamic tiles, Kepler and Dürer or more recently to Roger Penrose. Photography by Roel Determeijer.


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smba3Last Saturday the exhibition ‘Informality’ opened at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. This very exhibition arises from the increasing attention being given to the role of banks in our economy, and the interest in alternatives to their role. It is also a first reflection on the role of art and artists in an atmosphere of crisis and cuts in cultural funding.

‘Informality’ focuses specifically on the concept of the informal economy. The informal economy is that part of commercial and the service sector that operates outside of the circuit of formal financial transactions—and thus is hidden from the sight of the Revenue Service and other governmental institutions that control business and economic affairs, and the banks themselves. In the West the informal economy makes up about 11% of the total economy. On other continents, such as Africa and Latin America, but also in former East Bloc countries, the informal economy often makes up the largest part of the total economy.

‘Informality’ examines the phenomenon from the perspective of art.

We were asked by the Domestic Workers Union and Matthijs de Bruijne (with whom we created the Garbage Museum) to contribute to ‘Informality: Art, economics, precarity.’ The project is part of the upcoming campaign. For the very work the (often undocumented) domestic workers were asked to supply notes about their work—analogous to the domestic memos on refrigerators and kitchen counters that are often the only form of communication between them and their bosses. Result is to be seen until the second of October @ SMBA, Rozenstraat 59 | 1016 NN Amsterdam.

het afvalmuseum

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afvalmuseum1“Wij, de schoonmakers van nederland, worden pas zichtbaar wanneer het afval zich opstapelt. In het voorjaar van 2010 traden we massaal uit de onzichtbaarheid. Het was de langste staking sinds 1933! We eisten respect en waardering. We lieten zien dat er zonder ons grote chaos ontstond op Schiphol, op kantoren en op stations. Wij, de Schoonmakers, zullen opnieuw van ons laten horen. En het afval is ons wapen!” -Zo staat er op het afvalmuseum geschreven. Om de legendarische staking te herdenken heeft Detour haar krachten gebundeld met kunstenaar Matthijs de Bruijne en ontwierpen we het afvalmuseum. Hierin wordt, door het tentoonstellen van voorwerpen gevonden door de schoonmakers van NL tussen het afval, opnieuw het verhaal verteld van een groep mensen wiens verhaal gehoord mag worden. Matthijs de Bruijne verzamelde de verhalen van de schoonmakers op locatie. Sommige verhalen zijn grappig of ontroerend, maar meestal blijf je achter met een gevoel dat er toch iets mis is met ons collectieve polderideaal. Lijkt daar toch iemand de dupe van te worden? En zijn het eigenlijk alleen de schoonmakers?
Naast het afvalmuseum ontwierpen wij ook een fotoexpositie over de staking en de spiksplinternieuwe website van de schoonmakers. Hou deze website in de gaten om te weten waar het afvalmuseum te zien zal zijn in de toekomst!

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