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We made a pin for the Bijenkorf staff who hasn’t had a salary raise in 1,5 years although the Bijenkorf profit increased with 8% last year. This bee refers to the Bijenkorf (lit. translation beehive) logo. The staff wears the pin as a silent protest. Want to read more? Article in Dutch.


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In April this year EU’s highest court has ruled that Poland’s logging in the Unesco-protected Białowieża forest was illegal and violating laws. Białowieża is one of Europe’s last areas of primeval (mind you; 10.000 years old) forest and it remains a haven for birds, wolves, lynx and 25% of the world’s European bison population. We visited the forest and the impressive logging sites last year. Three forest portraits.

in support of free minds

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Eén uit een serie van drie flyers voor Stichting In den Vreemde. Gedicht van Ghayath Almadhoun.

vaandels & verhalen

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In opdracht van het Stedelijk Museum Schiedam maakten we de routing en alle (hand)typografie voor de tentoonstelling Vaandels & Verhalen. De tentoonstelling verbond de rijke geschiedenis van het Schiedamse verenigingen-leven met het hedendaagse Schiedam en haar levende verenigingen. Onder leiding van Sara Vrugt ontwierpen en naaiden ruim 70 verenigingen een nieuw vaandel. Het typografisch ontwerp bestond uit een 11 meter lange tijdlijn met de geschiedenis van verenigingen in Schiedam tot nu; een aantal infographics en onderschriften; allemaal handgeschreven en verbonden met draad.
Tentoonstelling ontwerp: Sara Vrugt Gastconservator en schrijver: Irma Thoen Fotografie: Bruno van den Elshout

young & united

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For decades many people said young adults wouldn’t be interested in labour union, action and solidarity. People were wrong. Young & United is a young workers movement that takes action and aims to get the government to dismiss the youth minimum wage, enhance more permanent contracts and jobs that provide to build a living.

Dutch law considers people from the age of 18 an adult. From 18 on, you can vote, open a bank account, buy liquor, work night shifts, work with dangerous viruses, bacterias, noise and tremor. You can enter the casino, get a drivers license, run for election and you are obliged to pay health insurance for more than 100 euros a month. Nevertheless working adults between 18 and 23 years in the Netherlands get a youth minimum wage. This is more than half of the normal minimum wage (at 18, you get 4 euros an hour for a fulltime job). This causes young adults to live in poverty and insecurity. Check out Young & United for more info.

We develop strategy, concept and design for this campaign.Y&U

Chloé Ari Maria

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Geboortekaartje voor Chloé. Risoprint door De Kijm.

aesthetics of resistence

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resist_İzinsiz-GösteriPark-Art-Istanbul-Gallery As a contribution to the Aesthetics of Resistance exhibition in Istanbul’s Park Art Gallery we contributed above image. The expo includes illustrations, sculptures, videos, paintings, photographs and digital art inspired by the Gezi Park protests that erupted in Istanbul. All decisions on exhibits, sales and auction prices will be made by a committee of artists, along with what the money raised will be used for. Art played a huge part in the resistance and this exhibition is in itself another form of the movement.

With crowdsourcing becoming evermore popular, it may not come as a surprise that Turkish protesters have been using Google Maps to track police movements during the recent protests. They create the Istanbul Polis Hareketleri which means Istanbul Police Movement. The map centers on Taksim square, the hotbed of protester activity against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government. It was created on June 1 following plans by Edogan’s government to renovate an Ottoman barracks. Our contribution is a reflection of this phenomenon.

herbarium acutulus

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state_ha_expo1state_ha_uitnodiging1Organisatie, samenstelling en ontwerp van de expositie Herbarium Acutulus voor de nieuw geopende Smartgallery van smartshop State of Mind. We vroegen 40 illustratoren en ontwerpers een beeld te maken naar eigen ervaring van één van de opwekkende, euforische en psychedelische planten en kruiden die er verkrijgbaar zijn.

Op affiche en flyers staat beeld van respectievelijk Lobke van Aar, Kwennie Cheng, Marthe Roosenboom en Tom Bogman.


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herbarium-acutulus-nina3Illustratie voor de expositie Herbarium Acutulus van Banisteriopsis Caapi en Mimosa Hostilis; de twee hoofdbestanddelen van Ayahuasca; een entheogene psychoactieve thee.


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cyclopibusBeeldverhaal over Cyclopibus; megalomane, allesoverkoepelende stripheld die vastzit tussen leven en dood en niet kan wachten om te reïncarneren. Inzending voor de Benelux Beeldverhalen Prijs 2012.

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