Raum der Lusten

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Visual communication for Raum der Lusten; interactive festival based on the Gardens of Delight of Hieronymus Bosch.

*update* de vleesvrije stad

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De Vleesvrije Stad is a graphic novel which I made together with 17 illustrators and writers about the process towards a meat- and bio industry free society. Initiative of Het Huis van Betekenis. You can support the publishing of this book and get an original aquarel here.

studio solidariteit

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Action on behalf of the cleaners, handlers, security and other staff of Schiphol against the race to the bottom at Schiphol Airport.
Graphic design, art direction, illustration.

raum der lusten

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This spring RAUM will go live with an experiential festival online and in public space. Based on the epic painting Garden of Eartly Delights of Hieronymus Bosch.

foxtrot november victor over

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Giant typography and art direction for this video message for the CEO of Schiphol Airport against the race to the bottom culture. On behalf of the bagage handlers, security staff, cleaners and all other Schiphol workers.

de vleesvrije stad

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Beeldverhaal voor De Vleesvrije Stad (in tien jaar); een graphic novel waarbij tien tekenaars en schrijvers in opdracht van het Huis van Betekenis de weg naar een vleesvrije samenleving onderzoeken.

mapping a brotherhood

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Hand sewn and stitched world map for the Militant Guild of Rural Tailors.

Every country is made from a piece of premium quality menswear fabric originating from that specific country. British tweed, Indian Khadi cotton, French linnen, Chinese raw silk, Australian merino wool, Indonesian Ghingham.
The map – as legend says – is being used for centuries in the Guild to ratify and affirm the inner and inter-connectedness between Tailors during their rituals.

images by Marc Haers / Liam Maher


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Illustration for dakdromen.nu; a group of Utrecht based initiators that’s developing a green and urban layer on top of landscape of roofs. The plan is to build parks, edible gardens, playgrounds, alternative housing.

100.000 bomen

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Visual communication, graphic design, embroidery for 100.000 Bomen en een bos van draad; a gesammtkunstwerk directed by textile designer Sara Vrugt. In 2020 she will, together with people who like to partake, embroider a forest of 100 trees; connected to planting 100.000 trees around the globe and collecting personal stories on experiencing nature.


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