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Jaarlijks overlijden meer dan 100.000 zeedieren aan de gevolgen van plastic. Ruim 90% van ons plastic wordt niet gerecycled. Per minuut belandt een vuilniswagen aan plastic afval in de zee. Zolang bedrijven als Unilever, Coca-Cola en Nestlé wegwerpplastic blijven produceren, blijft het plastic probleem bestaan, ondanks al ons gerecycle.
Greenpeace heeft een nieuwe campagne gelanceerd om bedrijven op hun verantwoordelijkheid te wijzen. Wij maakten een beeldverhaal voor in hun toolkit.


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Poster for the new Joost van der Wiel documentary Drømmeland.

The movie portrays the 60 year old Nils, who longs for an independent life in harmony with nature. He takes his refuge in a small wooden cabin in the mountains of Norway. Despite his effort to take distance from modern society he brings his mobile phone. There, surrounded by the rough Norwegian wildernis, Nils is being confronted with his desire for human contact. His urge to share about his isolation through his mobile phone seems irresistible.
This documentary observes how Nils is trying to find the balance between being in contact with himself, nature and the outside world.

Tickets and trailer here.

dabke dabke dabke

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Graphic design and logo for Dabke Nights.

café theater festival

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Grafisch ontwerp en Gevleugelde Barkruk voor de 15e (en jubileum) editie van het Café Theater Festival. Dit jaar vindt het festival niet alleen in Utrecht plaats maar ook in Tilburg. De CTF Barkruk is gemaakt van hout, metaal en vilt. Campagnefotografie door Michael van Maanen. Festivalfotografie door Maarten de Leeuw, Gabriel Harmsen en Rogier Boogaard.

klein new orleans

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Campagnebeeld en grafisch ontwerp voor het Klein New Orleans Festival in Utrecht. Zeefdruk door Kapitaal.

Chloé Ari Maria

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Geboortekaartje voor Chloé. Risoprint door De Kijm.

google eemshaven

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Illustration for FNV that fears Google wants to use cheap, foreign workers to build the new Google data center in Eemshaven, instead of Dutch employees. This way Google bypasses Dutch terms of employment.

2% current market yield, is not going to set the world on fire

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cch canadian ltd v law society of upper canada

iPhone x case Be sure you download the correct image for your architecture (only x86 is covered here). When in doubt iphone 6 plus case with card holder, just grab the x86 and try it. I’ve never tried the AMD64 version of FreeBSD. The other business class feature of this is the ease of handling documents. This handset will allow the users to work on most of the word documents like word pad, Microsoft office word and other word applications. This feature can be easily used due to pre installed Microsoft windows mobile 6.1 professional version. iPhone x case

iPhone Cases We will get more into our thoughts on its chances of success shortly, but we first want to address what we view as a major hurdle for common shareholders hoping to benefit from the company’s efforts to achieve new medical breakthroughs.Namely, COOL has been rapidly diluting shareholders, and the current capital structure seems to represent a massive wall of potential new dilution. Below is a breakdown of the common shares outstanding over the past several periods, based on company filings:09/12/2017: 6,333,985 shares of common stock outstanding 06/05/2017: 5,876,952 shares of common stock outstanding 03/08/2017: 4,501,768 shares of common stock outstanding 10/31/2016: 2,782,963 shares of common stock outstanding For those keeping track at home iphone 6 case with card holder, that is an increase of about 127% more than double in just over a year.Beyond the ballooning number of common shares outstanding, as of 7/31/2017 common shares issuable upon conversion of preferred stock and exercise of stock options represents another potential 11,939,093 shares, a tripling of the existing cap structure.Keep in mind that convertible holders have additional rights, including “the right to receive a liquidation preference, prior to any distribution of our assets to the holders of our Common Stock.” Convertible holders can also be paid dividends on an ‘as converted’ basis iphone 6s case with card holder, so that dividends could be paid out as if preferred shares were fully converted to common. In other words, if the company distributes cash via a dividend or liquidation, the common holders could experience dilutive effects via those events as well.How Are Things Coming Along So Far with the Skin Regeneration Revolution? Dilutive share structure aside apple leather case iphone 7 best iphone x protective case, the company seems to be advancing its technology at a rather uninspiring pace. iPhone Cases

iPhone x case These expectations may vary depending in your specific needs and should include how many days per week or month and the times of day. Keep in mind that sitters may vary in when they can work. For example, a college child development student may have evenings open. iPhone x case

iphone 7 plus case He can think the game. He mobile with high skill and solid. I wouldn have predicted he would be there when the Leafs were picking. The Nuveen S 500 Buy/Write Income fund (NYSE:BXMX), $12.69 market price, $13.55 NAV leather phone cases for iphone 6, 6.4% discount, 7.2% current market yield, is not going to set the world on fire with its returns but it’s not going to get you in trouble either.The basic strategy of BXMX is to mimic the S 500 with less holdings (283 currently) and then sell S 500 index options against the entire value of the stock portfolio. Usually, the portfolio managers will have a running three month option sleeve (like January, February March) and will sell “at the money” options as the near month expires and another month is inserted into the rotation. This is a very defensive strategy that works best in a flat to trendless market environment. iphone 7 plus case

iphone 8 case We needed a way to match the freshness of the feed to a user’s particular reading habits.With this in mind, we tried a third experiment that removed content users had already seen. This test was our first attempt at “personalizing” the content turnover effect. After some tuning, we found a sweet spot where redditors with the fresher feed were interacting more with Reddit. iphone 8 case

iphone 8 case In fact, analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who is often accurate about Apple, says that the company will be using the dual camera setup on iPhone 8 with OIS on both lenses. We don’t know much about the front camera of the iPhone 8. Many Android companies are focusing heavily on the front camera and it is possible that Apple may also join the bandwagon with the iPhone 8 iphone 8 case.

Note the layout of the feathers along the wing

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What causes scalp fungus? This contagious fungal infection is more common in children than adults. Not only can it be picked up from other people, it can be transferred from animals. Many dogs and cats carry ringworm, so if your pet has bald spots in its fur human hair wigs, it’s possible that it has the infection and can pass it along to you and your family.

Lace Wigs Also if that all your eating and your not losing weight something is amiss. I eat two meals a day, usually a snack (almonds sunflower seeds , cheese sticks or parm crisp) around 12 2ish and a large meal (usually some burgers, sausage or fish with some broccoli and 3 eggs). I switch my calories from time to time from 1800 to 2300 a day. Lace Wigs

cheap wigs human hair In the course of giving this shiur human hair wigs, Yosef dissented many times with the stringent opinions of the Ben Ish Hai, who preferred the rulings of the Ari zal over Yosef Karo. This was a defining moment for Yosef, who had found a podium to give air to his opinions, while simultaneously learning how to deal with the negative feedback he was receiving from many in his audience, especially from his fellow Iraqi Jews. A number of notable rabbis, among them Yitzhak Nissim, rebuked him over the years for his positions human hair wigs, even burning his first halakha sefer, Hazon Ovadia. cheap wigs human hair

wigs You also need to calculate how far along the wing the joint is and record it. This is calculated in the same way. Note the layout of the feathers along the wing. Dance is just as competitive as football, baseball human hair wigs cheap wigs, or soccer so it shouldn’t be discredited because it isn’t competitive. The next requirement of being considered a sport is that it brings people together. This can be done by creating bonds within a team or through supporting a team. wigs

wigs About the wig itself. I don know how much wig experience you have, but get yourself a couple of brushes. Get one like THIS if you can, its good for general smoothing because of the boar bristles human hair wigs, but helps get out tangles because of the harder porcupine bristles. wigs

cheap wigs Especially around the eye area human hair wigs, I much rather start out slow and then step up my concentration of active ingredients, rather than bomb my face accidentally and have to do damage control. It also much less expensive than what you listed so far, which is good. For a Euro option, La Roche Posay Redermic R Eyes uses the same form of retinol as the Sana.. cheap wigs

human hair wigs 6 points submitted 3 months agoMy advice is going to sound harsh: Stop feeling. Start thinking. It seems like you are trying to think and then are letting your feelings get in the way of making a smart decision. People around the world give away gifts to each other on different occasions and events. These gifts are like a token of love. To value our family, friends, and relatives, we use different types of gifts. human hair wigs

human hair wigs Alayna and I eventually picked a five mile route and were surprised when we completed it without incident. I shared with Linda my desire to run in the marathon that fall. She suggested we start out doing the half. Simon, who recently turned 38, has been a professional, full time lookalike (British for impersonator) for 11 years. Work brings him everywhere from the US to India for birthday parties, weddings, pirate themed work events and conferences, and promotional stunts for the films or video games. He was even hired as a hand double for Johnny Depp in one of the Pirates movies, but says he was so good the directors ended up asking him to do full body double work as well.. human hair wigs

cheap wigs The brilliant Lady Stunnington tried a passage of arms with her, but was routed with great slaughter by the intrepid little Becky. When attacked sometimes, Becky had a knack of adopting a demure ingenue air, under which she was most dangerous. She said the wickedest things with the most simple unaffected air when in this mood, and would take care artlessly to apologize for her blunders, so that all the world should know that she had made them.. cheap wigs

wigs for women Choose a tuxedo that works well and accents the dress that your date will be wearing. For example, if your date is wearing a royal blue dress then a white tuxedo would not be a good choice. A black tuxedo is the best choice in most cases because of the possibility of picking up stains wigs for women.

After exchanging them for an 8, I’m so glad I did

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If you must, you may also leave it open on alternate days to speed up the healing process. Check if there is any fluid accumulation. If you only find clear, odorless fluid, then it is tissue fluid Women’s Swimwear1, required for healing. But after a little difficulty using my Barlow lens I decided to do a Reddit search of my scope, and after reading some comments and reviews it sounds like my piece is not up to par with some others. I read of the bird jones design flaws and what not, but I didn really see any productive tips or tricks for a rookie planet searcher. So long story short Women’s Swimwear0, does anyone have any tips on getting started with this scope? Or a good object in the sky to get started (besides the moon).

cheap swimwear They want more. But in every other industry out there if you don like your rate of pay you better yourself and move up the ladder or you find a new job. You don guilt trip the world. Jade. Great dress. BUT I am more than a little disappointed (and angry actually) that she chose not to wear black. cheap swimwear

cheap swimwear Sponges, rocks, crinkled paper, or perforated cardboard may also be incorporated to add texture. Various sizes of brushes may be used and even fingers may do the painting for more control. Any everyday object Women’s Swimwear, in addition to traditional painting tools, may be used to produce abstract art.. cheap swimwear

Women’s Swimwear Sisters Network Inc. Provides national outreach to African American Women with education and initiatives to bring to light the plight of African American women with breast cancer. Call Sisters Network at 866 781 1808 toll freeYoung Jewish Women’s ResourceBreast Friends gives 24 hour Telephone Support; Person to Person Support; Transportation Services; News and EducationContacts for Young Women with Breast Cancer. Women’s Swimwear

Sexy Bikini Swimsuit When you do poorly you feel like trash. You are dependent on games. This isn stable.. Last year, our adjusted EBITDA for the quarter was $20 million. After excluding one time gain of $6.3 million from the sale of the John Henry brand rights for Asia. These compared to adjusted EBITDA this year of $18.7 million.. Sexy Bikini Swimsuit

Sexy Bikini Swimsuit I first ordered these boots in a 7.5 because my experience with Frye boots has been that they run a bit big. Since these boots are a pull on style I had trouble getting into and out of the 7.5s. After exchanging them for an 8, I’m so glad I did. Now on to a size Small!Also, I went to the dentist for the first time in 9 years this week. That’s always been my biggest anxiety trigger where I couldn’t even think about it without having a panic attack. Which is terrible because my family has awful genetics when it comes to teeth so the dentist is very important. Sexy Bikini Swimsuit

Cheap Swimsuits I’d say the problem lies in that attacks only have 2 states in which there is either only guaranteed damage dealt to incentivize parrying Women’s Swimwear, or guaranteed damage taken and dealt if not parried. There should be a few different levels of guard and a few levels of attack, maybe 1 character with a shield is able to only take a portion of the damage from raiders “unblockable”, while pk is unable to? Tbh this setup probably wouldn’t work to be implemented with the game’s current core fighting mechanics/stamina system Women’s Swimwear, but I really feel like this sort of structure would add some depth and flavor to hero movesets, instead of having all attacks either bounce off of someones guard and be do no damage, or cleave straight through and do all damage making it irrelevant whether they attempted to block it or not. Same goes for uninterruptible status on attacks. Cheap Swimsuits

Sexy Bikini Swimsuit I have to agree. Suck it up. It is a stupid SWIM diaper for heaven sake. The dust remains to settle from the Federal Reserve/JP Morgan (NYSE:JPM) take over/take out of Bear Stearns (NYSE:BSC). Since the Friday March 14, 2008 meltdown we have seen wild swings. Sentiments Women’s Swimwear, interest rates and market indexes have roller coastered on fear, fall out and policy response. Sexy Bikini Swimsuit

swimsuits for women A good example of this is oil rig workers. They are predominantly male Women’s Swimwear, like upwards of 90% male. Is the oil industry discriminating against females. Essentially Women’s Swimwear, plastic in a elastic melted form flows to the carpet as it moves through the line and turns into plastic in the cooling part of the line. So, we have to sew rolls of carpet to eachother when one runs out, and we got this bigass sewing machine for that. What happened is I left my finger under a big ass needle which goes up and down like 5 times in a second, and when I realized that and stopped the process my finger was still stuck there. swimsuits for women

swimsuits for women The health care division sells surgical and infection prevention products for the operating room; and a portfolio of medical devices focused on pain management, respiratory, and digestive health. The company sells their products directly to supermarkets, mass merchandisers, drugstores, warehouse clubs, variety and department stores Women’s Swimwear, and other retail outlets, as well as through other distributors and e commerce. The company also sells products for away from home use through distributors and directly to manufacturing, lodging Women’s Swimwear, office building Women’s Swimwear, food service, health care establishments, and public facilities swimsuits for women.

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