global reserve bank

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An evolutionary initiative to establish a prosperous global economy has been started by Global Reserve Bank (GRB) based on Earth’s abundant ecosystem wealth. Started by the late Dr. Arthur Shaw, a director of the World Economic Organization in the seventies, the GRB has come to fruition through the efforts of a team of ecologists led by John Pozzi. In essence, the GRB would replace our bankrupt neoclassical system with an ecological economy as defined in the GRB charter. In summary, the GRB produces GRB ecocredits equal to the shareholder’s valuation of the Earth’s ecosystem wealth and issues ecocredits as a global medium of exchange, a universal standard of value and a store of ecosystem wealth. By this method GRB shareholders convert Earth’s natural capital to ecocredit currency. The GRB earns income from an ecosystem impact charge on shareholder and commercial accounts. GRB income pays for shareholder communications, ecosystem renewal and earns shareholders a sustainable income. The GRB initiative will be submitted to the United Nations and other international and multilateral organizations as a direct democratic institution that renews our environment and earns every person on Earth lifelong income.


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