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Papieren vliegtuig met de honderden handtekeningen die de luchtvaartmedewerkers van Schiphol als petitie aanboden om betere arbeidsomstandigheden af te dwingen. In opdracht van FNV.

young & united

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For decades many people said young adults wouldn’t be interested in labour union, action and solidarity. People were wrong. Young & United is a young workers movement that takes action and aims to get the government to dismiss the youth minimum wage, enhance more permanent contracts and jobs that provide to build a living.

Dutch law considers people from the age of 18 an adult. From 18 on, you can vote, open a bank account, buy liquor, work night shifts, work with dangerous viruses, bacterias, noise and tremor. You can enter the casino, get a drivers license, run for election and you are obliged to pay health insurance for more than 100 euros a month. Nevertheless working adults between 18 and 23 years in the Netherlands get a youth minimum wage. This is more than half of the normal minimum wage (at 18, you get 4 euros an hour for a fulltime job). This causes young adults to live in poverty and insecurity. Check out Young & United for more info.

We develop strategy, concept and design for this campaign.Y&U

sociale woestijn

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sociale_woestijnIdentiteit voor de FNV brede Sociale Woestijn-campagne.Het campagnebeeld is van Wouter Tulp. Detour deed het ontwerp, art-direction en strategie.

pek en veren!

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pek-en-verenAls vervolg op het “je Geld en je Leven” affiche maken we nu een duidelijk statement aan het Nederlandse volk: genoeg van de neo-liberale politiek van de afgelopen jaren! Fantastische illustratie opnieuw gemaakt door Wouter Tulp.

€0 biljet voor de nederlandse bank

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