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uitnodiging-tranoiFor shoedesigner alexander fielden we designed an invitation for the presentation of his new collection called ‘chapter III’ during Trano├» Homme at the Paris Fashion Week, upcoming January 22-24. The idea was to send 160 unique and numbered sketches of his possible shoes. We were just in awe, watching Alexander come up with the whole lot of throw-ups, not drawing the same shoe twice! His new collection is online,

alexander fielden

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alexanderfielden_identity1The fact that you haven’t been hearing from us lately doesn’t mean we haven’t been up to something. In fact, we’ve been so busy that we haven’t been able in any way to update our portfolio, so we’ll take it in steps. First things first, so let me introduce to you wandering wonderful shoedesigner Alexander Fielden. Besides signing for the identity of his first collection, which is made with the same love and tactility as his shoes, we took care of his website, where he writes: ‘Seekers of the wanderer collection are open minded travellers, forging their own paths through life and it’s authenticities, open to worldly imperfections thrown up to them through the threads of time.’ -There is nothing left for us than to agree. Check it out.

alexander fielden lookbook

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alexanderfielden_lookbook3Besides designing the actual identity for the alexander fielden brand, there was the neccesity of having a ‘lookbook’ (a printed showcase of still images). Besides, for new collections to be expected, the lookbook should be something like a template. Now here is the interesting part: Together with talented photographer Christian Fielden ( we celibrated several nightly sessions to come up with this beautiful, tactile form. The tremendous crisp images are printed on an inkjet printer. The cover fold-out was printed on a soft although rather thick etching paper. After having this photographic masterpiece printed, we crumpled the whole thing (it did hurt a little) and let it soak for a couple minutes in a bath, until it took up a fair share of the water. Now we just hung it to dry, folded it and that’s that. To be repeated when neccesary, whenever a new Alexander Fielden collection is knocking on the door.

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