jumeraat (preview)

May 12th, 2009 § 0 comments

thursday-night1We like to give you a sneak preview of a project we are working on; The topic of our story, the deaf and mute dhol player Goonga Sain from Lahore, Pakistan. Although he was born deaf, he is considered by a lot of people as the prominent master of the genre. We came in contact with him about a year ago during our extensive travel in the subcontinent, and decided to make a tribute to him. Last thursday it finally happened (it was extremely difficult to create the right environment for the recording because of this night actually being a religious ceremony): a special recording session was arranged at the sufi shrine of Baba Shah Jamal where he and his brother Mithu Sain perform every thursday night, the night before the holy friday.

At the same time in the Netherlands, while Nina is listening to the hypnotic beating of the drum, she is working on a giant linocut.

To be continued…

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